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Group courses Dutch

Our different courses are focused on 5 levels, but all sorts of variations are possible to suit your particular needs.

Our different courses are focused on 5 levels, respectively:

  1. Beginners

    In this course, emphasis will be on developing practical language skills: basic knowledge of grammar and word order and lots of practice in verbal communication for everyday situations. By the end of the course your friends will compliment you on the progress you’ve made!

  2. Low-intermediate level

  3. Intermediate level

    These courses are designed for the more advanced students. The emphasis of this course will be on improving your skills to a level enabling you to read a magazine or newspaper article. A lot of time will also be spent on improving your fluency.

  4. Advanced students

  5. NT2 training

    Once you’ve reached this level you’ll be able to hold your own in practically any situation, socially or at the workplace. It is time for you to decide if you want to enter one of our exam training programs. Fluency, listening skills, writing skills and text analysis are developed and tested comprehensively to prepare you for the official NT2 exam.

    We are proud of our high success rate in training our students for these exams.

What is your level?

If you’re not sure about your level, we can determine it for you by means of a test and/or a conversation in Dutch at no extra cost.

Private lessons Dutch:

With private lessons you will obviously learn better faster. Together with you we will design a tailor made course to suit your particular needs. The schedule is flexible: each week you decide how many lessons you want to take ­ and when and where. Lessons may be given at your workplace, your home or possibly at one of our locations. We charge no travel expenses within the Amsterdam beltway.

In-company Dutch:

In consultation with our business clients we design tailor-made courses. These courses may be held during the day or evening (anywhere between 8 AM and 9 PM) and are normally based on 30 hours per course, but variations are possible. For an in-company training course we need a minimum of 4 participants and we prefer a maximum of no more than 8 students for best results.

We offer discounts depending on the total amount of participants. Contact us for more information.

With friends and/or co-workers:

It is also possible for you to start a ‘private group course’. For a minimum of 3 participants we can provide a tailor-made course that you take with the friends and/or co-workers you choose. We offer a discount of 10% per person, if you come to us as a group of 4 (max. 6 students per group).